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About Us


Techwysh Chemicals Services Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 2023, it was formed out of Techwysh group which is working in Oil & Gas industry since 2014. Techwysh is serving in the field of oil & gas industry operations viz. Well Testing, Slickline, Manpower (SWT, SLK, Drilling, well services etc.) & Chemicals. The company has made multiple collaboration for Coil Tubing, Cementing & Tubular Running Services with other service provider companies.

TCS oilfield chemicals & application expertise helps its customer improve resource efficiency, increase well productivity & make the most out of existing hydrocarbon resources.The main success factors for this are operational and technological excellence, scale effects, integration and raw material availability, reliable and low cost logistics, as well as the reduction of complexity. TCS  Portfolio is made in such a way to fulfil end to end requirements of clients.


We Are Oilfield Chemicals & Application Expertise


We have experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in oilfield operations and chemical solutions.

Safety and Compliance

We strictly adhere to safety protocols and industry regulations to protect both personnel and the environment

Sustainability Initiatives

We strictly adhere to safety protocols and industry regulations to protect both personnel and the environment

Customized Solutions

We offer customized chemical solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of your oilfield operation.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We stay updated with the latest advancements in oilfield technology and chemical solutions


Oilfield operations can be costly, and we understand the importance of cost-effectiveness.

High-Quality Products

Our chemical solutions are of the highest quality, meeting industry standards and regulations.

Responsive Support

We offer excellent customer support and responsive service. Our team is readily available to assist you.

Long-Term Partnership

We are committed to building a strong relationship based on trust, reliability, and continuous improvement.

To be a market leader in manufacturing Oilfield Chemicals & Services.

We are committed to maintain safe work practices, provide environment – friendly quality products and services to our customers through an excellent relationship with external providers, internal & external customer satisfaction, retention of our skilled employees, innovation, effective changes, and transformation of our organization.

Safety: we are committed to work safely at office, worksite and home.

Leadership: leads by example.

Innovation: our way to build our future and grow in the market place.

Quality: in all we do and customer satisfaction is our ultimate target.

Intergrity: our way of doing business

Teamwork: together we will achieve company goals and targets.

Community: We take care of our community and our environment

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